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Dr Rachel V Gow – Inside ADHD

Dr Rachel Gow is a Guest Researcher at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). In her spare time, she is writing a book on ADHD for parents and professionals and hopes to be able to publish this in the near future. To support her writings Dr Rachel Gow had written and compiled all her material for a website aimed at parents and professionals living or working with children with ADHD and associative behavioural conditions.

Project Brief:

The site would need to be centred around 4 themes: ADHD, Nutrition and Neuroscience, Education and a Biography section. The aim of the website is to present and evaluate research linked to ADHD in a translational and accessible way. It also proposes a new model of education for these children given the risk factors for adverse developmental outcomes and with that in mind aims to attract policy makers and investors.

Project Details

  • Client Dr Rachel V Gow - Inside ADHD
  • Project type Company Stationery, Branding & Website
  • Project date June 2014
  • Skills Wordpress, Photoshop, Illustrator

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